Technical Felt

01 Felt manufacturer

The Felt production of Sioen is based in Liège Belgium. There we produce a wide range of technical felts, ranging from 80 to 2000 g/m2, in single or multiple layers, with or without a woven reinforcement base.

We use a wide variation of fibres: PET, PP, PAN, PA6, PA66, PPS, Meta-aramid, Nomex, PI (P84), Préox, Stainless Steel, Wool, PLA, ...

Our loomstate non-woven fabrics have a max width of 260, 360 or 420 cm depending on the looms.

We can also slit in narrower widths. On our treatment lines (calendaring, singeing, thermo-setting, chemical treatment), we produce in widths up to 250 cm. Our products can be packaged in rolls, spools (min width 50mm), sheets & plates.

02 Tailor-made solutions

We offer a complete range of standard products and tailor-made solutions. One of our numerous assets is our strong R&D team, with years of experience and a very good technical knowledge.

Sioen Felt and Filtration has a vertically integrated production line: from the raw material (Polyester, Polypropylene, Dralon® technical acrylic, PBT, Nomex®, PPS Ryton®, P84® polyimide, polyamide, etc.) up to the finished product.

We can satisfy the most challenging requirements from our customers using our mechanical, thermal or chemical treatment processes.