01 History

In 2001 Sioen Industries took over the activities of Nordifa in Liège, Belgium. Nordifa was created in 1800 and over time became a specialist in the production of technical fabrics, used in particular in filtration and technical felts.

02 Quality

We think “quality” at all levels of our organization. We use top quality raw materials and choose the best suppliers, as well as trust worthy staff. Our purchasing policies are very efficient and we cooperate with reliable suppliers.

03 Environment

Sioen is very committed to environmental solutions.

For a number of years, Sioen has been developing a particularly efficient filtration system and clean up solutions that help our customers protect the environment.

All Sioen’s actions and resolutions are written down in our CSR manifest.

04 Research & Development

We have our own laboratory equipped with standard instruments for quality control and development: resistance, porosity, permeability, ageing, etc.

More specialized analyses are carried out by laboratories with an international reputation. In the event of a specific problem, we develop new solutions that we manufacture ourselves in order to carry out preliminary tests in an industrial environment.

05 Production

We can supply non-woven fabrics of all weights going from 80 g per m2 to 2000 g per m2.
Depending on the end use, we recommend various fibres such as: PP, PET, PAN, PA6, PA66, PPS, Meta-Aramid, Nomex®, PI (P84), Preox, Panox, stainless steel, wool and PLA.

We have developed composites for sound insulation, thermomolding, geotextiles, automobiles, antistatic applications and applications with a high heat resistance.

We are vertically integrated. All treatments are done in-house: singeing, calendering and heat-setting, as well as chemical impregnation of foam, coating or stitching and in-line plate cutting.